Monday, August 23, 2010

The Mummy - Anne Rice

The Mummy by Anne Rice
The Mummy
Anne Rice

The Mummy is the story of an immortal Eygptian king, Ramses, who drank the elixor of life and now has to forever walk the earth. A lover of the great Queen Cleopatra, Ramses interred himself in a tomb after her death hoping to never be disturbed from his grief. Awakened by an English Archeologist who is murdered shortly after unearthing the ancient king, the mummy is sent to Edwardian England to the archeologist's daughter Julie.

He is displayed for polite society. When a murderer tries to kill Julie too the Mummy awakens and saves her life. Julie and Ramses begin to fall in love but he decides that he must put his past to rest. The two soon to be lovers, and friends set out on a ship to Eygpt. However, once there Ramses comes face to face with his past in a way no one could ever imagine. His actions change his world forever and let loose a creature of unstoppable evil on a helpless population. "
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