Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Second Law of Life: Energy, Technology, and the Future of Earth As We Know It By John E.J. Schmitz

The Second Law of Life: 

Energy, Technology, and the Future of Earth As We Know It

John E.J. Schmitz

In this compelling, and important book, John Schmitz brings order to the world of chaos that surrounds us. The Second Law of Life refers to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, which is an omnipresent force that quietly and crucially determines every aspect of our society, culture and daily lives. Unless we come to understand entropy, future generations will face consequences of the unstoppable laws of physics.

Entropy explains the amount of energy no longer capable of doing work; in other words, wasted energy or heat loss. Each moment of every day, we lose irreplaceable energy and ômodernö technology is not helping. In fact, it is accelerating the problem at a catastrophic rate. û And we will ultimately face a heat death crisis and utter destruction of the Earth. 

Even actions we take to improve the environment may actually do more damage than good. For example, recycling is considered environmentally, socially and politically correct. Under the influence of entropy, however, it is a prolific waster of energy; we must look at entire systems, not just parts.

It is critical that we find ways to reduce energy loss. Seeing the problems with greater clarity will lead to solutions. This fascinating and accessible journey through the second law of thermodynamics is a step in the right direction.

Saturday, August 24, 2013



There was a time when reading Joseph Heller's classic satire on the murderous insanity of war was nothing less than a rite of passage. Echoes of Yossarian, the wise-ass bombardier who was too smart to die but not smart enough to find a way out of his predicament, could be heard throughout the counterculture. As a result, it's impossible not to consider Catch-22 to be something of a period piece. But 40 years on, the novel's undiminished strength is its looking-glass logic. Again and again, Heller's characters demonstrate that what is commonly held to be good, is bad; what is sensible, is nonsense.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Mysteries of Astrology, and the Wonders of Magic By Dr. C. W. Roback

The Mysteries of Astrology, and the Wonders of Magic
Dr. C. W. Roback

An fascinating book about astrology, chiromancy, necromancy, geomancy, witchcraft etc., written by author Roback, Dr. C.W., who was also a practitioner in the field. Includes sections on astrology, chiromancy, nativities, geomancy, physiognomy and metoposcopy. 
The final chapter is titled "Narratives and anecdotes in relation to witchcraft, magic, apparitions, visions, presentiments, and other supernatural phenomena." The book opens with an autobiographical sketch where the author describes his childhood in Sweden, his adventures in the Near East and in Europe, his studies in astrology and magic, and finally his emigration in 1844 to the United States.

The Forest People BY Colin M. Turnbull

The Forest People


Colin M. Turnbull

The Forest People -- Colin M. Turnbull's best-selling, classic work -- describes the author's experiences while living with the BaMbuti Pygmies, not as a clinical observer, but as their friend learning their customs and sharing their daily life.
Turnbull conveys the lives and feelings of the BaMbuti whose existence centers on their intense love for their forest world, which, in return for their affection and trust, provides their every need. We witness their hunting parties and nomadic camps; their love affairs and ancient ceremonies -- the molimo, in which they praise the forest as provider, protector, and deity; the elima, in which the young girls come of age; and the nkumbi circumcision rites, in which the villagers of the surrounding non-Pygmy tribes attempt to impose their culture on the Pygmies, whose forest home they dare not enter. 
The Forest People eloquently shows us a people who have found in the forest something that makes their life more than just living a life that, with all its hardships and problems and tragedies, is a wonderful thing of happiness and joy. 


Friday, May 11, 2012

Applied Magic by Dion Fortune

Applied Magic
Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune has used her very rich, and illustrative discriptions once more, to help the aspirant in the magical arts. One draw-back though: It never ceases to amaze me, how bigotted she gets, every single time in her repeatative "Left hand path". She tends to assign homosexuals to it. There is a lot of invalueble information and practical technics. This is why the Sorrora Deo Non Fortuna, (as she was reffered to in the Alpha et Omega fraction of the Society of the Golden Dawn)could always be forgiven, however victorian her expressions..."Applied Magic" is a must-have classic book, for anyone interested in practical occultism. For anyone who wishes to serve the devine with high magic, this is one of the best guides available.